How it all started and why we make apps for Shopify

Elevate Apps was founded by a group of the most passionate and experienced Danish Internet entrepreneurs. We have more than 30 internet startups, a handful of successful exits and thousand of happy clients behind us. Our goal is to elevate the growing number of Shopify merchants to higher grounds.

The story of Elevate Apps

When we first started working on the Shopify platform we got impressed with the ease of use and high quality.

But soon we also found that there was a lack of the right apps to help us do what we know works.

Also, despite the fact that Shopify is one of the simplest eCommerce platforms to use there are many tasks that many merchants find difficult to manage.

There are many good apps but just not all the ones we wanted and not always as easy to use as we think they should be.

So Elevate Apps was create to solve that. Not just for us and our clients but for you too.

We create better solutions for Shopify merchants and online marketers

Not all apps are created equal. Some apps will slow down your site (too much, if you ask us), some apps are difficult to use and many apps do not offer the features we know are most important to merchants and marketers.

With Elevate Apps you always get apps that live up to the gighest standards in features, technical quality and ease of use.

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Work with us

We are always open for new business ideas. Maybe you have an idea for a new app. Maybe you have an online service you want to have a Shopify App created for. Or maybe you have ideas for a mutual beneficial partnership. We are always open for ideas.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Please feel free to contact us. We will usually reply within 1 business day.