Don’t you wish that there was an App for Shopify – or whatever CMS you are using, that would automatically take care of all SEO for you? A one-click SEO solution.

Some SEO-Apps are in fact being marketed and sold as solutions that will – more or less automatically, solve all SEO issues for you and make your website magically gain much better rankings in Google.

The only problem is that it’s not true!

The fact is that even the best SEO-Apps can only automate some of the SEO-factors that are important for how well you rank in Google. Not all of them. And many SEO-apps don’t even include the most import ones.

The most important SEO-factors

There are basically four SEO-factors that are very important for how well you rank in Google and how many relevant prospects and sales you will get from this:

  1. SEO strategy
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Content optimization
  4. Links – internal and external
  5. User engagement

Let’s take a look at these factors and how well an SEO-App may be able to help you.

SEO Strategy

As always in marketing the right strategy is a crucial starting point. If you don’t know where you are going and how to get there you will get lost. It’s that simple.

In SEO you first need to understand how your prospects search and what they expect to find when they do.

Are they searching in an early research phase? Are they looking for inspiration? Or are they ready to buy now? In each case the you need to tailor the content to serve them right.

Once you know this you have to understand the market for those searches. What are your competitors doing? How hard or easy is it to compete? What do you need to do to beat them?

Even though there are tools available that can help you with keyword and competitor research there are no SEO-Apps that can do it all for you and create a winning SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

Some elements of technical SEO can be managed – and to some degree automated by good SEO-Apps. But far from all.

Applying the right Schema-data, managing Hreflang-data, canonical tags and error (404) pages are a few examples of technical SEO-factors that an SEO App can manage for you.

But when it comes to even more important technical SEO-factors such as perfect mobile compatibility and speed no app can fully ensure that your website live up to the highest standards.

Sure, some apps can provide some help. And app may e.g. optimize the size of your images to improve speed but that’s just not enough. Your template coding, server response and many other factors also plays a huge part in this. No SEO-app can fully automate this!

Content optimization

On top of a technically perfect website comes the content. This is naturally also very important. Not just for search engines but for human visitors as well. Great content engage and converts visitors to sales.

There are many content elements that can and should be optimized. The most obvious is off course the visual text elements – the headlines, body copy, images and videos etc.

But there are also a great deal of less visible content that should also be optimized – URL-names, image file names, image ALT-texts, document TITLEs and META-descriptions.

A good SEO-app can help you keep track of all this and help you adjust all the text elements.  But no app can fully automate it all in the quality you need.

Some apps may claim they can do this using AI and such but we do not recommend that you leave all content creation to a fully automated system! Not even the best AI-solutions will produce the results you need.

Links – internal and external

Links – especially from external websites to you are a very important SEO-factor. The more and the better links you have the more likely it is that your rank well for relevant keywords.

Internal links also play a role and a good SEO App can indeed help you create and manage better internal links.

But when it comes to getting links from external sites we have not found a single app that can help you with this. Not one!

The sad thing is that most SEO-apps just ignore this very important SEO -factor when they claim they can do all SEO for you.

User engagement

User engagement is data about how visitors on your website behave.

If they stay longer – and don’t click back to Google after a few seconds, if they view more pages and buy more of your products that send a strong signal to Google that your website is great. And this influence how well Google rank you.

No SEO-apps can fully automate this for you. Potentially it could give you some guidance but we have just never seen any SEO-App actually doing so.

What is a good SEO-App?

First of all we think a great SEO-App is one that tells you the truth. Unfortunately very few do!

Most SEO-apps we know of oversell what it can actually do. We think that is misleading.

The fact is that even the best SEO-Apps can only automate part of your SEO-job. In addition to this it may also help you buy guiding you in what you manually have to do and monitoring the results of it all.

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