Seo Faq App Icon 1 1Content is King, is a well-known fact in SEO. Great content is valued by both Google and customers. But what many people are not aware of is the important of content formats.

With this app you can easily create the content both Google and your visitors love.

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Why is FAQ-content so important for SEO?

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Many people search for answers to questions. If you can provide a specific answer for their question then they will love you – and possible spend more time on your site. This build trust and loyalitet and convert so sales.
  2. Google love quality content – helpful content, that give their search users the right answers. Content in FAQ and Dictionary formats is a great way to provide that. In return, Google often rank this kind of content higher and if encoded correctly highligt it in search results with extended listings (so called Rich Snippets) and Featured Listings (above all other links).

To benefit from FAQ-content in Google the correct formats is required!