Having an inventory of 2000 product variants might initially strike one as excessive in practical terms.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the prior limitation of only 100 variants often fell short of meeting the needs of numerous shops.

Let’s delve into a practical example: imagine you’re a retailer offering shorts in two distinct colors, two inseam lengths, and across ten different sizes. This already amounts to a total of 40 unique variants.

Now, if you were to introduce a mere six additional colors, perhaps in anticipation of a new season or customer preferences, the variant count would soar to 160!

This predicament has long been a significant source of frustration for merchants, particularly those with diverse product offerings spanning various sizes, colors, or materials.

Thankfully, relief is on the horizon.

In a promising development, Shopify has announced an imminent update aimed at resolving this issue.

They’ve outlined plans to gradually roll out the update in 2024, ensuring that all users will benefit from the expanded variant capabilities. So, if you don’t immediately see these changes reflected in your Shopify interface, rest assured they’ll be arriving soon to enhance your selling experience.

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