There are two ways you can add UTM tracking in SMS Messages. Learn how to use both.

UTM tracking, or Urchin Tracking Module tracking, is a method used by marketers and website owners to track the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. It involves adding special tags, called UTM parameters, to the URLs of links used in various marketing materials such as emails, social media posts, advertisements, etc.

These UTM parameters are added to the end of a URL and provide information about the source, medium, campaign name, and other relevant details of the link.

When a user clicks on a URL with UTM parameters and visits the website, the analytics tool (such as Google Analytics) reads these parameters and attributes the visit to the specific marketing campaign that the link is associated with.

How to add UTM tracking to SMS campaigns in the SMS Europa app

There are two ways you can add UTM tracking:

  • Use the build in UTM builder
  • Manually add UTM-parameters to the links you include in your SMS message

Let’s look at the first one first. This is super easy.

Using the build-in UTM builder

Under settings you can set the default for all campaigns – if you want to use the UTM-builder or not. For each campaign this default setting can off course be changed.

When you create a new campaign the app automatically add default values to the fields required for UTM to be valid:

  • Campaign name
  • Website URL
  • campaign medium
  • Campaign source

You can off course change these values to whatever you like as well as adding data to the remaining (no required) fields.

When you send your campaign this UTM-data is automatically added to all the links in your messages.

Manually add UTM-parameters to the links you include in your SMS message

If you have special requirements or want to add different UTM-parameters to each of your links (if you use multiple links in messages) you can do this by adding the UTM-parameters to the links you include in your message.

This will off course, initially create much longer links but as all links in the final SMS-messages sent out will be shortened this is no problem. In the preview window you can see how it will look.

This easy to use tool can be used to create UTM-links for your campaigns.

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