Optimizing your Shopify store for search engines (SEO) is really not that different from optimizing any other webshop on any other platform.


First of all you need to develop the right strategy based on your market, how prospects search, what they are looking for and what your competitors are doing.

Technical SEO

Next you need to make sure that all SEO-related aspects of the technical implementation of your Shopify store is optimal. This include things such as mobile optimization, speed, META and Schema-data and internal links.

If you start out with a lean and fast Shopify Theme that will make everything easier.

Content optimization

In top of this you need the right content. Basically this content have to match the keywords your prospects search for as well as what they intend to find.

You most likely have to optimize the front page, collection pages, product pages and could very well benefit from blog posts, FAQ pages and such as well. Video may also be a good option.


You need links from other websites to build authority. With more and better links it is more likely that Google will rank you at the top of the search results for relevant keywords.

Getting links is a lot of hard work and there are many ways to do this. But be aware, that there are a lot of link-sellers in the market that sell links with little or no SEO-value.

User engagement

Google prefer to send their search visitors to great shops. One of the ways they measure this is by user engagement – how long do they stay, how much do they buy, do they come back etc.

By optimizing all these factors it will be more likely that you gain great rankings.

SEO is complicated

SEO is not easy. In most cases it takes expert knowledge to get good results. In Elevate Apps we are focused on providing good apps but with our +20 year experience with SEO some of our team members do also provide SEO consulting services. Contact us if interested.