Non-deliverable SMS refer to text messages that are not successfully delivered. There can be various reasons for this. Learn more here.

Non-deliverable SMS (Short Message Service) messages refer to text messages that are not successfully delivered to the intended recipient’s device.

As the tele-operators charge for all messages that you send you want to reduce the number of non-deliverables. This can be tricky as there are many technical requirements. But with the SMS Europa App for Shopify we manage that for you to secure the highest possible delivery-rate.

There can be various reasons for SMS messages to be non-deliverable, including:

  1. Invalid or inactive phone number
    If the recipient’s phone number is invalid or inactive, the message cannot be delivered.
  2. Network issues
    Sometimes, network congestion or technical issues with the mobile carrier’s infrastructure can prevent SMS messages from being delivered.
  3. Recipient’s phone turned off or out of coverage
    If the recipient’s phone is turned off or out of network coverage area, the message cannot be delivered until the phone is back online.
  4. Message blocked or filtered
    In some cases, mobile carriers or the recipient’s device may have filters in place that block certain messages, preventing them from being delivered.
  5. Message rejected by recipient
    The recipient’s device may reject messages from certain senders or sources, resulting in non-delivery.
  6. Storage limitations
    If the recipient’s device has insufficient storage space, it may not be able to receive new messages until some space is freed up.

Non-deliverable SMS messages are typically flagged as undelivered by the SMS gateway or service provider and may be subject to retry attempts according to predefined rules or configurations.

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